Vision and Mission


The vision of Halu Oleo University 2019

Being a leading university in Indonesia, dignified, cultured academically, produces comprehensive intelligent human resources in coastal, marine, and rural development

Vision of University of Halu Oleo 2045

Becomes the world's leading 250 universities in science and technology for maritime continents, harmonization and sustainable prosperity.

Progress is the ability to achieve certain values or standards recognized in the implementation of the “tridharma” of education and teaching, research and development and community service. Standards are adjusted to the standards set by the Ministry of National Education. The advanced Halu Oleo University can also be seen/ measured by the quality of scientific works produced including the activities of the academic community in various scientific and community activities at the regional, national and international levels.

Dignity is the level of dignity. A dignified university is a university that makes its academic community have high self-esteem based on the basic beliefs of religious values and noble values.

Academic cultured, means in all its activities, academic community will always innovate to find effective and efficient ways, have competence and capability, insight, understand how to implement science and technology well, and uphold professionalism.

Comprehensive quotient includes spiritual quotient, emotional quotient, social quotient, intellectual quotient, and kinesthetic quotient.

Here's a complete description of a comprehensive quotient.

1 Spiritual Quotient

Self-actualizing through the heart to cultivate and strengthen the faith, piety and noble character including noble character and superior personality

2 Emotional and Social Quotient

Self-actualizing through experience to enhance sensitivity and appreciation of the subtlety and beauty of art and culture, as well as the competence to express it.

Actualizing oneself through social interactions that (a) nurture and cultivate mutual relationships; (b) democratic; (c) empathic and sympathetic; (d) uphold human rights; (e) cheerful and confident; (f) respect for diversity in society and state; (g) insightful nationality with an awareness of citizens' rights and duties;

3 Intelectual Quotient

Self-actualizing through thought to gain competence and independence in science and technology. Also actualization of critical, creative, innovative and imaginative intellectuals

4 Kinesthetic Quotient

Self-actualizing through sport to manifest healthy, fit and durable, swift, skilled, and agile


  • To develop research-based education by utilizing the advancement of information technology so that its graduates can compete, and adapt in the global arena
  • To develop excellent research oriented to the publication and acquisition of patents
  • To apply research results and other superior products for the welfare of institutions, communities and advancement of science and technology
  • To strengthen transparent and accountable university governance system to provide excellent service in education
  • To develop students' potential in the fields of reflection activities, sports, cultural arts, and entrepreneurship, to build the image of Halu Oleo University at national and international level.
  • To develop a comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly university environment.
  • To improve the quality of university assurance system to ensure the certainty of service to stakeholders.stakeholders

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