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Cyber sports betting strategies at Parimatch


Betting on eSports at Pari match is becoming more popular these days. There are plenty of different disciplines on which you can bet. Some of the most popular games are Dota 2 and KC:GO. However, there are those bettors at Parimatch who prefer to bet on Fifa or LoL. These games have simpler dynamics, so it is easier to understand the rules and features of the discipline.

FIFA betting strategies at Parimatch

It is worth bearing in mind the fact that event outcomes do not depend on the skills of the athletes being put on the field. It depends on the skills of the gamers who play. You don't need to study the pitch, the weather, the condition of the players either. None of this plays a role. There are three most appropriate strategies in Pari match.
1. The most lucrative strategy in Parimatch is to bet on favourites with the system 18-19-20-21 (4 on 4). The one who takes the longest part in the competition and spends the most practice usually wins the match.
2) Experienced bettors in Pari match also use the penalty shoot-out strategy. In cyber football, a penalty kick is immediately awarded instead of a field game, so once you have worked out the leader and studied his previous matches, you can safely bet.
3. The catch-up strategy is also popular at Parimatch. The reason for this is that many gamers prefer an attacking strategy to a defensive one. That's why the results of matches are high.

Choose matches with low margins at Pari match

It is important to choose matches where the margin is as low as possible. This is to make the Parimatch Flats work. The probability of getting three or more unpredictable wins in a row is extremely low. It is important to study the gamers' betting strategies, look at their stats and determine the leader and underdog in the Pari match. 

LoL betting strategies at Parimatch


Betting on League of Legend in Pari match is one of the most popular betting strategies in the world today. The outcomes depend directly on which characters the player chooses and what items he or she has collected. Also an important parameter is the chemistry of the team. It is also important to keep track of the latest updates to the game. The team needs time to get used to the changes. Live and pre-match betting are available. However, the real time mode is more suitable for experienced bettors.

Overtaking strategy in Parimatch

The most popular betting strategy in Parimatch is overtaking. Bettors prefer to bet on favourites. Players should bet on a -1.5 card handicap. The earnings in such a case will be quite high, as Pari match not infrequently offer odds on outcomes higher than 2.0. The same strategy is also suitable for betting on Dota 2, as the games belong to the same genre.